Rob Wallace

Ames, IA


The natural beauty of wood can be celebrated and accentuated together with aspects of symmetry and form in well-designed turned wooden pieces. My excitement and fascination with wooden bowls, vessels, and hollow forms created on the wood lathe enables me to rise to the challenge of producing a form that will best display the native figure and color of the wood, in addition to creating a piece that is both pleasing and satisfying to the eye with respect to the form's shape and proportions. All of these factors interact dynamically as wood is removed in the process of turning to reveal the natural characteristics of this medium, which are universally appealing. The opportunity to expose grain patterns, subtle color or texture differences, and unique features of the wood is an endless source of inspiration that allows for "instantaneous creativity" and immediate gratification for the artist, as the spinning form develops on the lathe. With the development of each piece, the mystery of what lies beneath the bark is revealed, and the ability to share this beauty with others in the pieces I create is a source of personal pleasure and pride.