Rhonda Kekke

The word "rosemaling" is used to describe a form of decorative painting that originated in Norway and Sweden in the 1700s. Several different styles of rosemaling exist, each named for the region in which it originated. After I retired from Kirkwood Community College in 2002, I took a rosemaling class at the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, and was hooked. Since then I've taken many other Vesterheim classes and set up a small rosemaling business, Nelle Rosemaling, named after my Norwegian grandmother and great grandmother. All of my designs are based on traditional "rose painting" but I am not a purist. I study and adhere to the spirit of Norwegian and Swedish styles, but with some twists. 

The designs are copies of the originals, which are usually done in acrylics some on paper an some one wood.