Michael Cho

Allentown, Pennsylvania


Michael Cho immigrated to the United States in 1971 from Seoul, South Korea. He was a business major in college, where he elected to take several art and ceramics courses. After graduating in the early ‘80s, he started his own studio and began by experimenting with abstract shapes. He ended up returning to traditional and classic forms because he felt that it was true to who he was as an artist.

He also experimented with a variety of glazes and found that the contrast between a glossy glaze against a matte finish complemented his vision. Michael throws his pieces without trimming to avoid shape distortions and limitations. His designs evoke a sense of vibrance while exuding their understated purpose; they are here to be enjoyed! His work relies on that enjoyment you experience when you interact with them.

Care for your piece by washing it with dish soap and water; scrub it's surface with any soft to medium bristled brush. Allow it to air dry.