Lollipop Pottery

Perrysburg, OH


In 2007, we both lost our jobs on the same day.  Fortunately for us, we worked at the same place--making pottery.  So we didn't have to do a lot of soul searching to figure out what we wanted to do next (make pottery, of course!), we just needed to figure out how we were going to do it.

We turned our basement into a studio and our small shed into a kiln room.  After picking out a clay body, we spent a few months formulating and testing glaze recipes until we got it right, all the while creating designs to put on our future pottery line.  We took a small pottery break when our son was born, but not long after he came into this world, the first actual pieces of Lollipop Pottery came out of our one little Skutt 1018.

The designs and forms have come a long way since then, as we have both become better at what we do.  We now have two little Skutt 1018's, and though we wish we had bigger kilns, those babies are just the best, hardest working kilns anyone with 100amp service could ask for.  We have rearranged the basement studio several times as part of a constant quest to be more productive.  Working side by side is still as much fun as ever, and we hope you enjoy the results of our labor as much as we enjoy the production process.

We use a cone 6 grolleg porcelain clay body.  Tyson does all of the throwing, and Jessica does all of the painting.  We make our own underglazes and glazes.  All that testing we did years ago was part of an effort to formulate a glaze that matched the clay body's expansion rate as closely as possible.  This results in a very durable product despite the fact that it is thin porcelain.  We print our own decals and fire the pots a third time to fuse the decals into the glaze surface.  Everything we make is lead free, and food, dishwasher and microwave safe.