Kevin Harris Textile

Berkeley, California

In my location in Berkeley, CA, I dye, and screen print my designs onto natural fiber, high quality textiles. Water based inks and silk dyes are used to ensure a soft, vibrant, and indelible color area. The sewing is done professionally. The line is defined by natural and elemental imagery. Paper cut-out stencils depict aqueous bodies. Photo screen close-ups parade woven and loose fibers, and winter landscapes lay down in blues and browns.

I have studied ceramics and printmaking at the New York School of Ceramics at Alfred University. Since graduating in 1988, I have been drawing and then printing objects and their environments. Marks made by Earths' natural forces have always been the biggest influences on my art process. The impressions of wood-grain, animal tracks in mud, or even a river cutting through a mountain, often tell stories that I want to illustrate. My products are a collection of mostly natural materials, distilled from a wild, and beautiful landscape.