Joyce Gromko

Iowa City, IA


Riding my bike among the wildflowers and tall grasses in an Iowa prairie, I am surrounded by natural beauty.  I admire the simple elegance of wildflowers that grow in natural settings.  My sketches are of flowers I have found in prairies and near trails from early spring to late fall.

I am drawn to the subtleties of shape and line, fine gradations of color, and juxtapositions of flowers as they stand naturally in the field.  I have learned that building up colors, layer upon layer in particular order, is necessary to simulate the many hues and tones in nature.  I attend to the fine details of flower anatomy to produce images that are both beautiful and botanically correct.  I see how all of those details of color, shape, line, juxtaposition, shadow, and curving leaves depend on the changing light; I aspire to convey that beauty in my drawings and share my experience with others.