Joel Knanish


I do wheel thrown, high fired reduction stoneware, both functional and decorative. I try to incorporate the same surface design elements from my decorative work with my functional pieces, giving them visual appeal as well. I use banding, slip trailing, stamps, mishima and scraffito techniques. I place a lot of emphasis on good functionality, so that my work is pleasant to hold and comfortable to use

I am becoming more and more of an anachronism as I continue to blend and prepare my own glaze and clay formulations, which personalizes my style, and follows the long tradition of pottery. I also make most of my hand tools and stamps to the extent that my work table looks like a pile of sticks and shards.

My work is influenced and inspired by Karl Christiansen, as well as the folk pottery of East Tennessee, where I maintained a studio from the 70's to the 90's. I had worked as an artist in residence for the Tennessee Arts Commission for two years after finishing school, then set up a studio in Dandridge, Tennessee. At present, I work in a group studio in Rock Island.