Jefferson Henshaw

Cedar Rapids, IA

Artist’s Statement

"Art isn't something I grew up with, or grew into, it's something that happened to me.  Near the age of thirty, and after a long personal decline, I picked up a pencil  to pass the time. The result was surprising. I had lived my entire life telling people that I had no artistic talent; "can hardly draw a stick figure." Realizing this wasn't true, art became a passion that would not be slaked. It fulfilled me, but left me wanting more. Art has become my greatest addiction, my most successful therapist, and a gift from God for which I am extremely grateful.

Since finding myself on April 27 2010, I've enjoyed exploring several mediums including oil painting, clay and metal sculpture, ceramics, and woodworking. With no formal training, my work has evolved organically. I rarely stop to analyze, but go with intensity in the direction my creative interests are drawn. 
I grew up in northern British Columbia in the middle of the woods and Rocky Mountains. Nature was my first playmate. Now, as I search for form, I look to nature for help. Gravity, the properties of the clay, and my own instincts are what I rely on most. I believe you find the most authenticity in the act of doing, not in planning, thinking, or analyzing. I strive for spontaneity. The only way I've found to do this is to trust that the way will become clear as I go forward. This philosophy results in failures at times, but that's only natural, and they always serve as a lesson."

With my art, I hope first to bring joy into the world; to make you smile. I also want to point to a simpler way of life. A life that's willing to turn the cell phone off every once in a while in favor of watching a sunset.