Bristol, Rhode Island

Artist's Statement

My husband and I own a tool making business and decided one day that we needed to purchase a new too making machine. It wasn't really the kind of machine we were used to using and we were having trouble figuring it out! However, it didn't take our then 14-year-old son JJ long to get the machine up and running.

JJ immediately started churning out award plaques for local school groups and quickly branched out by selling clever little creations at local craft shows. Finally, he did his first wholesale show just before setting off for college. Not exactly perfect timing, but with the laser in mom's care over the next four years she, too, became intrigued with all of the creative possibilities!

Now we're inGENEius! A mother and son team who make unique products from wood, paper, metal, and felt.  We truly enjoy creating custom works for you in our workshop in Bristol, RI which is made even more enjoyable with the help of Prim, our sassy Jack Russell.