Pamella O’Connor, Hanji Home

Asheville, NC


Hanji Home artist Pamella O’Connor was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa and spent 35 years as a theatre artist. In 1985, she went on a European tour with adult puppetry artist Janie Geiser, and puppetry became her adopted art form, leading to her move to Asheville, NC. In Asheville, she co-founded the Asheville Puppetry Alliance and created her own P. O’Connor Puppets. She has performed at The Kennedy Center, The New Victory Theatre in NYC, the Walker Art Center, Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto and many more. It was through her puppetry work that she discovered the joy of creating by making her own sets, props and puppets.

In 2008, Pamella decided to take a break from the life of a touring puppeteer and accepted a teaching job in Korea. During her 2-year stay, she studied the cultural tradition of Hanji Décor. It was her love of subtle lighting that led to her focus on lamps.

Pamella writes, “Hanji, traditional Korean paper, has an ancient history and a multitude of modern applications. Historically, it was used for Buddhist texts, medical and history books as well as to cover windows and doors. It was known to keep rooms warm and protect them from the wind with its unique ability to offer ventilation and insulation. It was admired throughout Asia for its durability. In Korea, they say, silk lasts 100 years, Hanji lasts 1000!  Hanji is created from the inner bark of the Paper Mulberry tree, which is indigenous to South Korea and the root of Hibiscus. Even today, much Korean is made by hand in the same way it was made in the 4th Century. Hanji is experiencing a resurgence of interest as Korea endeavors to honor the traditions of their past in this fast-changing world.”


The base and stem(s) of the lamp have several coats of water-based polycrylic on them, so it is safe to wipe them with a damp rag if necessary, but a simple dry dusting is usually sufficient. The bulbs in the lamp are 7-watt night light bulbs. May you enjoy many years of illumination!