Green Mum Design, Taina Hartman

Clackamas, OR

Artist's Statement

Resin is a fun material to work with because it is versatile and durable. Although most resin products seem to lean towards casual looks, Taina Hartman has discovered a way to make resin more fashionable. Her products are generally pendants filled with resin, set in sterling silver findings. All of her work in the end though has its own unique flair. The story of how Taina Hartman came to be known for her famous resin designs begins in Alaska. Taina was born in Alaska and grew up in the Oregon countryside. This may be where she developed an appreciation for durable products. She went on to study art at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, receiving her BFA in painting in 1997.

Her love of nature is what inspires her new creations. She says she loves to embrace the elegant and colorful beauty of nature, finding inspiration for her designs.