Elizabeth Garvin Designs

New York, NY

Artist's Statement

Elizabeth Garvin was born into a creative family of artists, designers and makers. Her father, a modernist architect, surrounded himself with innovative art and design, which instilled in her a deep understanding of the importance of world-class design and the value and range of artistic expression. She studied photography, film-making, painting, sculpture and dance, until she found metal-smithing to be her ideal means of expression. Always an inventor, she is a predominantly self-taught jeweler.

Every piece of jewelry by Elizabeth Garvin, from the smallest pin to the most elaborate neck-piece, is made by skillful hands from start to finish in her New York studio. The uniqueness of its conception is obvious on sight. From the very first moment you pick one up, you feel the refinement of the workmanship, the masterful choice of materials and the commitment to style. Her work will continue to be recognized in years to come, as it is now, for its signature look and museum-grade quality. Elizabeth Garvin makes jewelry that becomes a part of your life, and moves through the world with you as part of your own personal expression.