Donna Lillo

New Hope, PA 

Artist's Statement

Born in Philadelphia in 1956, Donna grew up in beautiful Bucks County, PA. At the age of fifteen, a lead by Donna’s mother earned her an apprenticeship at Morgan-Bockius Stained Glass STudio. Without knowing it at the time this would be the start of her career. Donna stayed with the studio through college, earning an ASsociates Degree in Commercial Art. 


In 1982, she started a position as Master Craftsman of New Hope Stained Glass Studio. By 1985 Donna realized it was time to go out on her own and that was when she founded Lillo Stained Glass Studio. When Donna visited New Hope as a young girl, she dreamed of living and having a studio there. It was a working studio was well as a retail store, featuring not only her work but the work of twenty other glass artists. Now, she was able to offer the opportunity of an apprenticeship. She is now represented in over one hundred galleries and specialty shops across the country. 


“At this time, I would like to say thank you to my parents. Through your love and constant support, my dream has come true. I am living in New Hope with my wonderful wife Patti and I am the artist I dreamed of being as a child. I love you both.”