D & Me Toys

Stevensville, MT


Our cottage industry began 29 years ago when our children were small and needed toys that were built to last and yet provide hours of play time. We had just finished remodeling our kitchen and had leftover lumber. Don bought a how-to book and made some toys. Our children loved the toys, which were shared with the neighbor children. Their parents began asking for some of these classic toys for their children, too. About this same time, art and craft shows were beginning and we found an additional venue for selling our toys. We continue to market our classic wood toys and handmade quilts at art and craft shows, in gift shops throughout the USA and now, thanks to the internet, in several European countries. In 1999, the internet and e-commerce became our new venue and we began selling from our on-line store. We also now have a drop ship program for those businesses that are on-line.

The "second generation" of toys was made for our grandchildren, who even played with the originals, which we had saved for this very reason. Our children and our grandchildren were our test market - if the toys held up for their use, we add them to our line. Now our grandchildren are grown and we will continue to use their input on products and wait for the great grandchildren.

Don ("D") uses mixed hardwoods with a natural (child safe) oiled finish in the construction of these classic wood toys. The colored pieces on the wood toys are done with a non-toxic toy enamel, which is also child safe. Each piece is hand sanded, finished, and detailed. The handcrafted wood toys, which have a classic look, are meant to be used and played with. We regularly sell to day care centers, pre-schools and medical offices.