Artech Studios

Tory Hill, ON

Artist's Statement

In the time of the Renaissance, artists had to be practical and versatile.  They had to make things people really used.  That’s what we do here at Artech Studios.  We make art that people can really use.  Funny, practical and all made by hand.  From us to you.

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We are a traditional glassblowing studio nestled in the Highlands of Ontario, Canada.   We produce great up-cycled glass tableware and handmade bar-ware.  We are known for our recycled beer glasses, a re-purposed beer bottle that still holds a full beer!

Terry Craig and Jennifer Wanless-Craig are the designers, makers, owners and (honestly) the chief bottle washers.

And now for some much needed thanks!  To our family and friends for your support, assistance, constant patience and the empty cases of beer.  You rock!  The Haliburton County Development Corporation for your support and Business Development grants.  Every artist dreams of living where their town supports them with open arms. And you…our fantastic, loyal and beer loving fans.  We do this hot job and love it because of you.  THANKS!