Art Ciccotti

Napier, IA


Art Ciccotti was born in New Jersey in 1952. He moved to California at age two. After getting married, he and his wife settled in Iowa where they raised their three children. While working on an Art Education degree, Ciccotti became involved with a glass blowing club on the Iowa State University campus called the “Gaffer’s Guild.” After graduating, he attended workshops around the country, learning new techniques and refining his skills as a glassblower. He now works full time in his glass studio.

My work has been described as “organic” in appearance. I enjoy using Venetian glass blowing processes to create my designs, as well as the actual blowing of the pieces. Blending elements of color and form, each blown vessel is a unique piece of art and craft. For myself, as much art goes into the making of a piece of glass as does the final presentation of the finished work itself.