Arin Arthur

Boise, ID


Arin Arthur received her B.F.A in Studio Art from University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. It was a toss-up between textiles or clay but ultimately the luxurious hand of silk won out. Whatever the medium, it is the play of pattern and color that speaks in Arin’s work.

“Pattern is everywhere we look, but is often overlooked in our rush to finish each day. What winds up in my sketchbooks is usually imagery from the detritus of human living. I take these snippets and try to make them beautiful. I think that’s why my patterns connect with so many people. There is something familiar, comforting about them, something that connects subconsciously.”

After many years spent perfecting the art of giving away her art, in 2006 Arin launched her line of silk scarves. These are sold in galleries and boutiques in the United States and Canada and in a small number of retail art shows each year.

Scarves are 100% silk. Hand wash in cold water. Line dry. Iron with steam as needed.