Marcia Wegman: Summer Richness Acrylic on YUPO Paper

Marcia Wegman: Summer Richness Acrylic on YUPO Paper

Marcia Wegman

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International award winning (and local Iowa City) artist Marcia Wegman periodically sets aside the pastels and brings the acrylic paints, brushes, assorted tools and YUPO paper up from her basement into her studio. YUPO is a slick plastic paper made in Japan for commercial use in packaging and printing but taken up by artists, especially watercolor painters.

Marcia's Playing with Paint series (2020) are abstract works that start out by choosing two or three colors. The first layer or two of painting is applied quickly and spontaneously with a variety of brushes and tools. Each subsequent layer is applied more slowly and thoughtfully. Composition and color relationships are of primary concern with mark making also of importance. Marcia uses a lot of Venetian plaster in the layering which she sands down to reveal a bit of what is going on underneath. The painting is finished when there is nothing she wants to change or add.

Summer Richness 19 x 30


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